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Dear Valued Customer,


After years of smogging cars on a daily basis, here are our tips to you give the best chances to pass your California smog check


DO change your oil and perform regular maintenance as recommended by the owner’s manual.  This is the key to getting your car to pass smog.  But


MAKE SURE you drive your car some after your last oil change before smogging it.  Some oil changers may include 10 to 20-point checks that may disconnect the battery for a while.  This will temporarily erase the memory chip inside of your vehicle, which is needed to pass your smog check.  An erased memory chip will need a few days of freeway and city driving for it to repopulate itself.


DO use a licensed TEST-ONLY Smog Check station (like us!).  Such stations are allowed to smog any cars.  But the biggest advantage to you is that TEST-ONLY stations are not licensed to perform repairs, so we are truly independent we have no profit motive to fail your car and then offer to repair it ourselves (this scam may sound familiar to some of you ...). As the saying goes, do not let the fox guard the chicken coop!



DO NOT use the cheapest smog station out there.  Not all smog techs are trained equally, and not all stations are willing to go the extra mile for you.  We only use the best, most experienced techs available.  We give you the best overall value: price, expertise, service, speed, and convenience.  You can read our reviews and testimonials here.


DO use your vehicle to run your chores first, and then smog the car.  By then your vehicle would be warmer.  Warmer engines have a better chance at passing smog.


DO NOT go to a smog check station that does not offer a FREE re-test.  You may feel that your car will definitely pass, or is fairly new.  While your engine emissions may seem fine, a California smog inspection covers more than what is coming out of your tailpipe.  The computer on board of your vehicle, hoses, and wiring under the hood, are all part of a smog inspection as required by the State.  If any of these components fail, you will be required to repair them and go through another full smog inspection (State law prohibits partial retests).  Our FREE re-test gives you the peace of mind that you will not be double-charged.


DO business with someone honest and with high integrity.  While a car may fail a smog test on its own, watch dishonest stations, inexperienced technicians who just graduated from tech school, or laziness. Our customers have come from as far as San Francisco, the Peninsula, Solano County, and Marin County, and they told us that, “Some places are just worth the drive.”


We hope these tips are helpful. As usual, just give us a call if we can be of further help.


The Star SmogTeam

(510) 231-0891